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YT30,Power bank voice recorder, 4000mah, 192kbps, 44KHz,battery work time 160hours
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Thank you for your love for our product, to avoid the accident, please read this manual carefully before using the product. Functions of this product: mobile power bank, voice recording and flashlight. It can also be a moveable disk. It is an practical instrument for business negotiation, collecting judicial evidence, outdoor sports and etc.
Set the time through text file and the steps are as follow:
Insert TF card into the device, connect the device to a computer.
Create a text file in the root directory of the storage card, and named it 'time'.
Please remember that the extension must be 'txt', i.e. the file name is: 'time.txt'.
Input the date and time you want. Please pay attention to type the correct separator and spaces, in which separators support English half-angle "-", "." ":" characters. There must be a space between the date and time. When the date or time is less than two digits, 0 is required. The reference format is:
Format one: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
Example one: 2014-01-10 08:15:38
Format two:
Example two: 2014.12.24 21.35.00
Edit and save the text file and then unload the product from the computer and unplug it. Shutdown and restart the device, and the time is set.
After the settings are effective, the time text file inside the storage card will be automatically deleted.
Charger input DC 5V-1000mA charger(Require more than 1A)
DC output DC 5V-1000mA(MAX)
Audio format Wav
Audio sampling rate 48 KHz
Audio bit rate 192Kbps
Storage support 1GB-32GB TF card,about 82MB per hour
Battery capacity 4000mAh,Recording time about 160hours
USB type USB2.0
OS Support Windows / Linux / Mac / Android OS
Charge time About 8-9hours
Work and storage temperature 0—45°C
Work and storage humidity 20%—80%
Weight About150g
Size 88mm×45mm×21mm